The biggest payout in slot machine history

Question: How big is the biggest jackpot ever paid out on a slot machine and where was it won?

The Reel Story: Every casino and slots room obviously wants to be associated with the biggest jackpot in history, which is probably why the information on the subject varies.

Several sources, however mention the same record slot machine jackpot on land, although different websites have different details.

After extensive research we can quite confidently conclude that the amount was $39,713,982.25 and that it was won on a Megabucks slot machine in The Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on March 21st 2003.

The winner is said to be a 25 year old software engineer who was visiting Vegas because of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The previous record was about $34.9 million and was won at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas on January 26th in 2000. This casino is now closed.

Most of the biggest land line slot machine jackpots are usually paid out in certain amounts over a number a years, or deals can be made in order to have it paid out faster.

The biggest online slot machine jackpot?

The record prize of €11,736,375 – equivalent to £10,272,600 or $15,844,900 has been officially recognized as the largest online casino jackpot payout by Guinness World Records. The jackpot was won by a 20-year old Norwegian player on September 24, 2011 on Betsson Casino (licensed by the government of malta).

Net Entertainment (software developer) and Betsson Casino were named as co-owners of the landmark payout record when it was confirmed by Guinness World Records.

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