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  1. Who hasn’t played Roulette for fun during childhood? One of the most classic and famous board games of all times, Roulette can also be considered as the oldest of all board games, played and invented in Paris around 1820. Named after the word “small wheel” (Roulette in French), it is deeply associated with all the glamour that casino houses bring with it. Since shown on movies and TV series, the game is still the most popular game played around the world.

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    Bet365 Roulette Casino provides three different Roulette games: European, American and Roulette Pro. The most common and widely seen in casinos all over the world is the standard European Roulette, which consists of a wheel of 36 numbers and a single zero. However, the American Roulette also has 36 numbers, but a “double zero”, which differs from the European version. The last one, the Roulette Pro, is pretty much similar to the European model, with the only distinction regarding the choice of convenient “French bets” available for players. And another great feature of this kind of game is that you are able to customize every single detail of your experience while playing, including the colors of the betting area and the style of the wheel. These are undoubtedly great improvements if you think of it as a game you would wish to make profits at.

    Tips On How To Be A Pro

    But, how to win at Bet365 Casino Roulette? Accessible to beginners and pros, Casino Roulette is a game that allows players to develop their own system of betting and strategies over time, as it can be based on a strategic plan, but you’d better have in mind that each and every new spin of the roulette will produce a new result, so there is no guarantee of making profits based upon a system. Players should try to stick to straight up numbers or also placing even money bets such as odd/even and red/black.

    Not only these tips and strategies should be taken into account, but also the ones given by experts who have been developed Bet365 Casino Roulette. Although it is known that there are three versions to choose from, go for the European Roulette if your intention is to have a happy ending! Why do we say so? This kind of Roulette game offers players a lower edge in relation to the American roulette, and the house edge for the European version of the game is 2.7%, while the American Roulette goes up to 5.2%. Looking like this, it may seem small but after playing so many rounds, this can definitely make a huge difference on your pocket.

    Rewarding Strategies

    Indeed, understand how the game works and the types of bets you are allowed to have. It is not simply choosing a number and a color, it does go beyond it! The size of stakes you place is relevant, as well as the level you can afford (at Bet365 the lowest bet is 25cents). This is a multi-bet game, so players generally place multiple bets on the board for a single spin. And, if you decide to go for the lower risk bets, you will just need to bet more each spin you have.

    Another key element and suggestion given by Bet365 Casino Roulette is to back the right bets, in order to maximize your profits and winnings. Of course you have got to know how to identify the best odds bet for you, and the most profitable ones are those almost 50/50. And always keep in mind that the more numbers you are able to cover with a bet, your chances are drastically increased to successful results.

    A Great Entertainment

    The roulette table at Bet365 Casino Roulette is really appealing and has one of the smoothest animations that players will find around in the casino world. With a very clean design, players find it easy to place their bets in the correct places without being annoyed or getting confused with the windows popping up or the mix of colors, for instance.

    Bonuses And Promotions

    On your first deposit, players are eligible to receive 100% of it, as it is a Welcome Bonus, with a match of 100% to the deposit amount. So, in order to get it, just deposit $1 (yep, you got it right!) and you are all set to have your bonus in your account. For this, no bonus code is required whatsoever, as it goes automatically into your account.

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