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    Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan in the official South Park themed slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The game is based on the popular TV show and adds more adventure by giving you an opportunity to win up to 1,250,000 coins. The game is unpredictable since there are a lot of different bonus awards and free spins. The background takes us to the beginning of every episode, to the same old bus stop, which the boys meet by. Snow-covered hills are in the back and sound effects are also aligned with the cartoon theme – when you hit the different characters ,they will all make their traditional sounds.

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  3. South Park Gameplay

    The South Park video slot has different variations of the bonus features. The bonus games are named after popular TV series characters Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny.

    South Park Slot Bonuses

    Kyle Bonus

     Players are welcomed with 10 free spins, however, additional spins can be won during this bonus game also. When Kyle’s baby brother Ike appears on the reels Kyle symbol will fall down, landing on a  grid at the bottom of the reels. There are several different prizes that can be activated when Kyle kicks Ike. Three additional free spins, a random multiplier from x2 up to x10, and extra coins, however, this bonus game will end once you have finished your free spins.

    Kenny Bonus 

    In this bonus game each time you save Kenny from any danger you’ll earn extra coins and multipliers. Players have 3 lives at the beginning of this bonus and each one of them containing extra coins and multipliers. Help Kenny to avoid car accidents, falling airplanes or manholes in the street and win cash prizes. While playing this bonus game players can be reward with up to 139,000 coins. If Kenny does make it across all the zones, you’ll win additional coin prizes.

    Cartman Bonus

    After Cartman grabs a fire extinguisher players need to dodge of getting busted by the local law enforcement Officer Barbrady, otherwise, the bonus game will be over. Eight bushes on the screen, each of which may contain hippies with prizes or a policeman. Shoot  at them with the extinguisher to reveal the hidden prizes.

    If a player gets busted by the policeman the bonus game will be reset and there will be additional chance to play. The bonus game ends immediately the second time Barbrady makes an appearance. In this game, players can be rewarded with up to 1.250,000 coins.

    Stan Bonus Spins

    This bonus game will have a sticky wild symbol in the middle of the 3rd reel. After this has happened, sticky wilds may randomly appear throughout this bonus, adding 2 respins each time they show up, and substituting for all symbols.

    Another familiar theme that many players would love, fans especially. This game really perfectly follows the episodes and characters have their own charm. It is absolutely best game made based on the show.

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