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    Go Bananas is a jungle themed video slot set in a tree house deep in the jungle. This jungle is full of different fruits, vegetables, and curious monkeys who will help you to earn as much money as you can. Beautiful graphic design and game full of different colors will make this world more real. The soundtrack is also combined with monkeys playing different drums while bonus awards and wild symbols are fulfilling your screen. Players are invited to try this jungle-themed slot here on this page for free or play it with our casinos for real money. Let’s read our review about the wild jungle and treasures that it hides!

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    Go Banans is a five reel video slot with 20 pay lines inserted in wooden box. The game itself is provided by NetEntertainment group, one of the best slot providers ever in this business. Players can set the coin value in the range from 0.01 to the max of 1.00. Also, the level of the play can be from 1 up to 10. There are twenty pay lines in total so a maximum bet spin is going to be 200. Go Bananas has a lot of different winning symbols. The main and most important is a wild symbol. The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, and only appears in combination with a Wild Monkey symbol. The Wild Monkey symbols are significant in this slot, because whenever a Wild Monkey symbol appear on the reels, all other symbols turn into a wild.

    Go Bananas Bonus Rounds and Rewards

    Special game features of Go Bananas slot are the 5 different Wild Monkey symbols which we explained earlier in a text. Five different monkey symbols can appear out of nowhere at any time on your screen. Each of them has a different layout and style of behavior, but they will turn other symbols on your screen into a wild also, and increase the winning chances.

    Wild Tarsier – The Wild Tarsier monkey symbol will change one symbol onto a Wild symbol and it is most common monkey symbol on the reels

    Wild Gorilla – Whenever a Wild Gorilla symbol appears on the reels, it will  transform 4  symbols into Wild symbols diagonally. Related symbols will look like “X” on your screen.

    Wild Baboon – When players get a Wild Baboon somewhere on the reels, it will change other 2 symbols vertically into a wild symbol. This way players can cover the whole reel with wild symbols and expect big payout

    Wild Orangutan – Whenever a Wild Orangutan symbol appears on the reels, it will change 3 surrounding symbols into a wild symbol. Altogether, 4 wild symbols can be a big reward on any stake

    Wild Langur – When a Wild Langur appears on the reels, it will create a block of 3 rows horizontally

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    As you can see, Go Bananas slot doesn’t have Free Spins or classic bonus awards. However, if you are a fan of spinning and winning this slot is perfect for you. The slots similar and fun as this one are Starburst and FruitShop. All these Monkeys will keep you in the mood and help you to win crazy payouts. So, don’t wait, go deep into a jungle and spin to win!

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