Online Slot Games

Surprisingly, it was an American car mechanic, Charles Fey who invented the first slot machine back in 1887. His genius gave birth to the ‘Liberty Bell’ 3- reel mechanical slot and marked the start of an unstoppable gambling phenomenon.

The mechanical slot machine was an instant success and rapidly spread from the USA to other countries. The mechanical slot machine was adapted over the years, giving millions of people great entertainment. However, the most significant technological development to influence slot machines was the microchip in the early 1980’s. It meant that slots could have computerised reels on the screen and progressive jackpots. The dawn of the digital age gave the gambling industry a unique opportunity to reach players everywhere with online slots games. Powerful computers and smart phones that support online slot games have been instrumental in bringing thrilling entertainment to players worldwide. What’s more, the online slot game industry continues to evolve at ‘warp speed’. Just when you thought that the online slot game themes and visuals couldn’t get any better, new games boasting more amazing features appear in the venues.

Recommended Slot Machines

Online Slots Games

Slots continue to be the most popular casino game and for this reason, Casinolisten carries out in depth reviews of a vast number of online slot games. As you would expect, not every slot game is as good as it’s made out to be.

Consequently, we publish reviews of slots worth recommending, rather than everything that comes onto the market. As a result, you know that if you find a slot game review on our website, it’s genuinely worth checking it out.

We have dozens of exciting reviews available to our readers and we add new ones all the time. We aim to present each slot game in a way that potential players can understand.

To that end, we tell you what they are about and what kind of experience you can expect. Players reading our slots reviews can quickly decide whether the game is interesting to them.

What’s more, they can go directly from the Slot Review to the casino offering the slot game, by clicking on the secure link on the slot review page. It’s fast and safe, so always read our slots reviews before you decide what game to play.

Play Online Slots Games In ‘Fun Mode’ for Free

When you read our slots reviews and decide that you want to play the games, simply click on the casino link. You’ll find that we recommend casinos that offer players the opportunity to play slots games in Fun Mode or Demo mode.

Fun Mode means that you can play for free until you opt to wager real money.  Bear in mind that you won’t win any money or bonuses when playing for free, but you’ll gain experience. The moment you make the decision to play with real money, just press the real money option on the game.

We like playing for fun as it gives us a true ‘feel’ for the game without spending any real money. Moreover, we can go to another game if we are not keen on the the one we just tried out.

Casinolisten recommend casinos that let you try out as many slots games as you like in Fun Mode. Furthermore, there’s no pressure to play the slot game if you decide you don’t like it.

Don’t forget that you can play slots games in Fun Mode for free on your mobile device. Simply choose games and casinos recommended by Casinolisten.

Types of Online Slot Games

Online slots games fall into three main categories. and each one gives you a totally unique experience.

  • Classic Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Progressive Slots

Classic Slots

Classic slots are 3-reel online slot games that look similar to land based ‘fruit machines’. Everybody has seen these types of 3-reel slots in ‘pubs’, clubs and games arcades.

Classic slot games are straightforward games with standard pay tables. Essentially, they don’t have any surprise features or bonuses. But don’t let that deceive you, as you can win huge jackpots prizes on some classic slots.

What’s more, the graphics and sounds on classic 3-reel slots have come a long way since they were first launched. So you’ll be thrilled with the vivid colours and musical effects as the reels spin.

Video Slots

Video slots are the most modern version of online slots games. They usually feature 5-reels and multiple paylines but they do vary, making them exceptionally exciting. The astonishing graphics and sound effects make them very popular, but more even more attractive are the huge winning possibilities.

You’ll find, bonus rounds, free spins, special jackpots and many more amazing things built into video slots. Consequently, it’s not just about winning or losing but usually about winning more or less money!

Software developers who specialise in online slot games, are launching new video slots all the time, with ever more astonishing features. So get ready for endless surprises and huge rewards when you play video slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are normally video slot games that are connected casino wide. The progressive jackpot is kept completely separate from the standard jackpot, so players can win either one.  A small percentage of the players’ bets are directed to the progressive jackpot of the chosen game.

In this way, the game jackpot grows progressively with each new bet and often reaches multiple millions. A jackpot total is shown in a small window next to the game so you can see how much you could win.

Even when a player wins, the game provider ‘seeds’ the new jackpot with a certain amount of money. Some progressive jackpots are seeded with up to $1 million.

Players are normally required to bet on every payline of the slot game if they want a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. However, some casinos feature progressive jackpots that can be won randomly with low bets!

Make The Most from Playing Online Slots Games

To make as much profit as possible from playing online slots games, make sure you play in a reputable online casino chosen from our Casinolisten Casino Reviews. You’ll get comp points, free spins, extra bonuses and rewarding slots tournaments in the best online casinos. Furthermore, selecting a reliable online casino ensures that you get the best customer support.