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  1. One of the most celebrated and played casino game, if not THE most popular and played one is, undoubtedly, Blackjack. Even if you have never played this game before, for sure you have already heard of it being played by millions and millions of people around the world and how fun it can be.

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  3. Also known as 21, the game has got some strategies and guidelines, as players want to be successful and make money, being the main objective of Blackjack to reach a hand whose points total nearer 21 in relation to the banker’s hand, and by no means exceeding 21.

    bet365 Blackjack Casino

    Now, can you play Online Blackjack anywhere? Well, yes and no. There is a big difference about playing in order to make money, or playing to make money AND have fun. For sure, the second option is way better, right? And, how to find out the place to be? Do not think twice: at bet365 Blackjack Casino Online, all players are welcome, from beginners to pros, and the fantastic software will surely help you trying to figure out when it is the best time to “hit” or “stand”. And, the most important thing, you will have fun from the comfort of your house, and you can celebrate from there all your winnings.

    Basic Strategies And Rules

    With simple rules to be followed, players can quickly understand how it works, and some steps should be gathered before starting:

    • The dealer is the one who deals each player 2 cards facing down.
    • The dealer himself deals one single card facing up and another one facing down.
    • Then, the player looks at his card only and places a bet according to his point total.
    • Based on this, the player makes the choice to “stand “or “hit” and, right after this, gets another card from the dealer.
    • Later, the dealer fills up his own hand, and continues to “hit” until a minimum of 17 points is reached.
    • The last step consists of the player scoring a Blackjack (or 21 points) or whoever has the card with a total of less than 21 points, then he is considered the winner.

    If you are into a guaranteed winning system for this game, just like the one that is going to be sure to lead you to success, then forget about it! The above tips and strategies, as well as a great dose of luck and attention will help you score goals on the game.

    Tips About bet365 Blackjack

    But what we strongly recommended to those in doubt about risking their money just because they lack practice or experience, forget about it too! At bet365 Casino Blackjack, either beginners or experts are equally welcomed, and hints and tips are available for everyone.

    Make decisions based on the cards you have in your hands, and not on the value of your stake: this is one of the most valuable and relevant tips bet365 Blackjack Casino can give you. Of course that it is totally natural and acceptable to change the game based on the factors that go beyond the cards, and this is something that only time and experience will show to you. A combination of knowledge of optimal strategy and the issues mentioned above are the key to successful Blackjack jackpots.

    Software Used At bet365 Blackjack

    bet365 Casino has the most complete list of software providers ever seen online. Players do not need to worry about the quality of the games offered by the casino company, including Blackjack. Just to name a few, here you go: Playtech, Microgaming, Virtue Fusion, Rabcat, Boss Media, NeoGames, Finsoft, Blueprint Gaming, Ash Gaming and so many more!

    Bonuses And Promotions

    If you think that this is all what you can profit from bet365 Blackjack Casino, then you just need to read more! Bonuses and promotions are way better here than anywhere else, so why think twice? All players coming for the first time are awarded with a Welcome Bonus of 100%, and a Match Deposit Bonus of 200%.

    As soon as you join the club, you will earn points (Comp Points) and they will accumulate along the bets and games you play. For instance, a wager of a total of $1000 in slots will be worth 300 Comp Points. And these points will help you when it comes to the loyalty program level management, as there is also a VIP Program available for those who become a player at bet365.

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